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Who's On The Album

Larry's life was connected to many talented people and each player on this album shares a special part in this last unreleased music from the late Larry Howard, "Ain't Finished Yet".

Chuck Leavell at a piano

Chuck Leavell


"Larry was a dedicated and talented musician and a lovely human being....a beautiful soul.
I am proud to have known him and to have worked on this fine project. I can see Larry smiling!!"

Charlie Hayward playing Bass Guitar

Charlie Hayward


"I met Larry in 1975 when Charlie Daniel's band was playing shows with Grinderswitch. After Larry got saved, he was totally different. He was a fine and passionate man, and it showed in his music."

Paul Hornsby sitting at a studio mixing console

Paul Hornsby


"I had been close friends with Larry for over 40 years and spent many hours in front of speakers working on Grinderswitch and various solo projects. I played on this project years ago and can't wait to relive where we left off so long ago."

Jack Gavin


"Larry was a dear friend of each member of the Charlie Daniel's Band, including myself. His soulful and bluesy sound captivated listeners and was an example of great music. It was an honor to have known him and be part of this special album. I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed playing on it."

Jack Gaving sitting with his drums
Ed Maina with a saxaphone

Ed Maina 


"I met Larry playing and ministering at Sturgis. He was one of the most soulful guitar players I've ever heard or played with. I was humbled when he asked me to play and write horn parts for this project. His love and passion for music was only second to his love for Jesus Christ."

Skip Frye


"I met Larry in 1981 at Main Street Assembly of God. We became good friends and played many times together. Larry ventured out as a Gospel Blues artist and developed a passion for prison ministry. I was blessed to be part of the prison ministry work. I am humble and grateful to be part of Larry's final journey."

Skip Frye with his guitar
Dru Lumbar playing the blues

Dru Lumbar

Slide Guitar

Dru and Larry, founding members of Grinderswitch, reunite their musical prowess on this final album. Known for his expressive slide guitar, Dru Lumbar enhances the album with his signature sound. This contribution not only showcases Dru's technical skill but also highlights the deep, enduring connection and musical journey shared between these two blues legends. They're probably jamming in Heaven together right now.

Pete Burnett

Blues Harmonica

Pete Burnett, celebrated for his masterful blues harmonica, brings his deep, resonant tones to Larry Howard's final album "Ain't Finished Yet." His dynamic harmonica playing enriches the album, showcasing a lifelong dedication to the blues that perfectly complements Larry's rich guitar work.

Pete Burnett playing blues harmonia
Bonnie Bramlett singing and smiling

Bonnie Bramlett


Bonnie, whose heartfelt vocals grace this final album, "Ain't Finished Yet," shared a lifelong friendship with Larry, marked by deep musical camaraderie. This collaboration is a poignant testament to their enduring bond, highlighting Bonnie's signature soulful style in harmony with Larry's bluesy guitar.

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